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The Things Breaking Bad Teaches Us

Like any good story, there is a good guy and there is a bad guy and we can usually tell who is who. Sometimes it turns out that the bad guy was the good guy and the good guy was the bad guy, but that is beside the point. But what do we do when the main character starts out as the good guy, has good intentions, but because of his actions, turns into the bad guy? I know I am asking you to think in a black and white world, which we most certainly do not live in, but how do we comprehend this? The best example that I can think of, in most recent years, is Breaking Bad. A high school Chemistry teacher, Walter White, is diagnosed with an aggressive strain of cancer and is given less than a year to live. Having a teacher’s salary, he will be unable to provide for his family once he is gone, so he has to find a new form of income. And he found that new income very quickly: cooking meth.

Okay, so here is why I am writing this post, it is not to just tell you to watch an amazing show. One of the biggest morals of the show is drawing  the line. They ask the question time and time again, how far would you go? Now I am not saying that, at any point in your life, are you going to have to cook meth or anything of that severity. But the question must be asked, how far are you willing to go? There will be so many times in your lives, not just in college, in which you have to make decisions. Some of these decisions will be harder than others, some may even seem impossible to make, but the point of this, the point of asking this question is to consider: how far would you go?

Some people would be fine with going that far, I know I am one of them. If push came to shove and I had to take care of my family through any means possible, I would do what needed to be done. Others, however, have drawn their line much sooner and would find any other way, through was that were less drastic. The important thing is to find out for yourself, where do you draw the line? It is something that each person must learn for themselves, and each person has different limits.

Now this is the first post that I have put up that does not include superheroes, probably won’t be the last, but it does connect to something that I talked about in some earlier posts. When you make these decisions, it often reflects upon your morals and your moral compass. Often when people make decisions that are questionable, like Walter White cooking meth, it is often because we stray away from our moral compasses, what we know to be right and wrong. So, while you may never have to make a decision so drastic as seen in Breaking Bad, do remember that the person you are today has gotten to this point by following your own compass. When the tough choices do come up, and they will, make sure you keep following that compass. More than not, it will point you in the right direction.