College is a new, exciting, and possibly shocking time in any ones life. This blog is for incoming and current college students to open their minds and begin the discussion of things they may experience in college and that will hopefully continue. With advice, thoughts, and superheroes, it is going to be a pretty good time!
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The Hero who Reminded Us How To Be Heroes

I really wish I had, had the opportunity to do this blog sooner and would have done this post so much sooner, because this is a story so very close to my heart. I am sure, if you have seen the news or been online in the past few months, that you have heard of Bat kid! This is Bat kid:

Right? Super cute kid! This five year old from San Francisco is battling against leukemia, so his mom contacted the Make-A-Wish Foundation and asked them to give him a dream of a lifetime…Save the city alongside Batman! He got to ride around in the batmobile (which was a 2014 Lamborghini!), defeated bad guys, such as the Joker, Riddler, and others, and was given the key to the city. He did even more than that, but what makes this story even more special is the fact that THOUSANDS of people lined the streets, cheering him on as they saved their city from evil. To tell you the truth, this is probably the greatest superhero I have ever seen. No lie. 

But I am not just writing about this inspirational kid, because it is a great story, I am writing about it for a much deeper reason. Bat kid teaches us that no matter how old or young you are, whether you are six feet tall or just over three feet, even if you are health as a horse or fighting a disease that isn’t fair for you to have, anyone can be a superhero. We don’t need to wear a cape and cowl to be a superhero.  A superhero doesn’t need to save the city or wear a costume. All that a superhero needs to do is believe in themselves and show up. This little boy taught us that a superhero can be anyone. I would think that to him, the people who showed up to help make this day such a memorable one are heroes, just as much as they consider him to be one. So here is my challenge for you. Go out into the world and do something that affects someone, even if it is just one person. Because affecting someone’s day just might have them see you as a hero.

Let’s Get This Started

Introductions are always the hard part, I mean explaining who you are in just a few words, so I guess we had better start simple. My name is Jacob Schornak. I am a senior studying Writing Studies from Eagan, MN. Give you a little more insight about who I am, more than the three simple questions (Name, Major, Hometown), I am a huge fan of the outdoors, playing video games, watching good movies, and writing. But something that I love even more than writing is comic books and superheroes. Superheroes just make sense to me…that’s right…I’m a nerd! They express feelings and ideas that most other forms of media cannot grasp. Because I am such a fan of superheroes most of my posts, if not all of them, will revolve around superheroes in one way or another. But here is the main reason for writing these posts: for you to succeed in college. I have gone through a lot in my four years at the University of Minnesota Duluth, both joy and sorrow, success and failure, triumph and disappointment. All I can hope to do is pass on what I have learned, what I think to be the important parts of succeeding in college, what I have done and not done to get to this point.